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Hoya "Winter Sun" Offer:

Purchase a Complete New Pair of spectacles glazed with any of the superb Hoya iD single vision,

varifocal or occupational lenses* and get a FREE pair of Hoya single vision or varifocal tinted lenses -

including polarised and mirror - finished !

* Occupational lenses are designed specifically for desk and digital device use

This offer will finish 31st March 2019

Acuvue 1-Day Contact Lens Offer:

New 180 pair (6 month) packs of these premium Johnson & Johnson lenses are now available

Purchase 180 pairs of Acuvue Tru-Eye or Acuvue Moist daily disposable lenses and save up to a massive £79.95 !

180 pairs Acuvue Moist lenses for £159.95 (saving £79.75 over the normal 30 pair pack price)

180 pairs Acuvue Tru-Eye lenses for £249.95 (saving £49.75 over the normal 30 pair pack price)

This offer is ongoing. Purchasers must have had a contact lens checkup within the last 12 months, and an eye examination within the last 2 years

Prescription Sunglasses Offer: 

Yes, I know the weather is still cold and wet outside, but prescription sunglasses are always useful for both summer sun

 and winter sun / snow holidays ! We therefore keep this offer running pretty much year-round


We have a specific range of frames which come complete with lenses to your prescription, sunglass tint, and a storage


Single vision only £99.00, Bifocal only £129.00, and Varifocal only £149.00 complete

Half Price Frames Offer: 

We have a range of quality, but discontinued and end-of-line frames which we have reduced to HALF PRICE


As they are discontinued, please be aware that we cannot get parts for these frames, but there are good deals to be had - please call in and have a look !

This offer is ongoing, but may finish anytime depending on stock